This is a collaborative game for two or more people playing together in one group. The game cards are used to select an abstract word (for example ‘future’ or ‘thought’) that the group must arrange some or all of the objects in response to. The cards also determine how the group works together (for example ‘work in silence’ or ‘think of it as a dance’). The rules are deliberately open so that players work together to deal with any uncertainty.  At the end there are no winners or losers.

Number of players: Minimum 2 but works better with more. The ideal maximum depends on the size of the 50 objects being used – all players should be able to comfortably reach all the things. For example 1 inch blocks work well with up to 5 players; 2 inch blocks would work well with up to 7; chairs work with as many as 20 players.

Duration: The game can be played for just one round which could last as little as one minute but more likely to be 10-15 minutes. The game can be played for a set length of time or number of rounds or until players decide to stop.

Audiences: The game can be played with friends and family; used by groups to get to know each other; as a creative warm up; as a devising tool; as an art installation; an educational tool; or as an alternative method of academic discourse, for example at a symposium.

The game is self-contained and can be purchased below along with groups of things. It can also be run by Hamish as a workshop or installation, or customised for particular events or organisations. Use the contact form lower down the page.